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Lessonwell started out as a personal project for my own Calculus class. I wanted a content management platform based on Markdown and MathJax that I could use to quickly prototype lessons without navigating through insanely complicated education CMS (which is basically every education CMS).

screenshot from my web application Lessonwell

This website (

I've used this website as a sandbox for learning new stuff over the years. What started out as a Google Sites website has see everything from PHP, Python (both webapp2 and Flask), and is currently a Go application. Everything you see is here is open source, and usually in transition!

screenshot from my web application Lessonwell


One of my favorite features of lessonwell (above) is a real-time Markdown/MathJax editor that I created to make prototyping math lessons super easy. I used it as an excuse to learn Go and KnockdownJS on Google App Engine and created this tiny standalone app.

screenshot from my web application GoKnockdown


Hone School was less of a software project and more of an after school program for kids in my area. We taught them Ruby using the Sphero robot. I had to drop this project when my own child was born, unfortunately. I built up a rather nice-looking curriculum platform and marketing front-end.

screenshot from my after school program Hone School

The Badge Project

This has probably been my most ambitious (and likewise buggy) application yet - an attempt to create a badge-based gradebook. I actually used this for a marking period in my Calculus class with great success. I underestimated the amount of time it took to teach and maintain this project so I had to kill it. Would love to revive one day...

screenshot from my web application The Badge Project


When I built speculess I was going through a holy cow mirrorless cameras are the best thing since sliced bread phase. It was good motivation to whip up a python webapp with a totally different focus from anything I'd done before.

screenshot from my web application speculess


Long before there was Lessonwell there was qCalculus - my attempt to synthesize everything I liked about Udacity and Khan Academy into an app made exclusively for my calculus students. This was also one of the very first Python app I ever built.

screenshot from my web application qCalculus